Dark Archetype 
by Denise Dumars
Career Press

Reviewed by David Rankine

When I first looked at the cover of this book I was ready to cringe and dismiss it as another twee approach to the dark archetypes. Happily I was totally wrong, this is an excellent book. The book covers a wide range of dark deities – Baba Yaga, the Black Virgin, Coatlicue, Hekate, Hel, Kali, Lilith, Medusa, Oya, Anubis, Dionysos, the Grim Reaper, Loki, Lucifer, Set, Shiva, Tezcatlipoca and Volos.
There is a chapter on each of the deities, covering their myths and relevance to modern western society, and then a subsequent chapter for each looking at rituals, spells, talismans and correspondences. I would recommend this book to all pagans, as it serves that important function of making people question and look beneath the surface, and then revel in the power and wisdom that can be found through integrating the entire psyche. Read and enjoy.