Turning the Templar Key
Martyrs, Freemasons and the Secret of the True Cross of Christ

Robert Lomas

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia
February 2008

One of the great blinkers of the modern world is that history is usually taught as a very rigid and often only partially informed view of events based on the accounts of those who won or held power. The result is twofold – we can choose not to question and become locked into stereotypical views, or we can challenge the accepted viewpoints by looking at the sources across a wider spectrum and producing new views, which may hold different truths and perspectives.

This exciting work by the redoubtable Robert Lomas returns to questions unanswered in his previous work, “The Hiram Key” to offer fresh insights and surprises. The combination of the intrigue of old (the Knights Templar) with the intrigue of the more recent (the Freemasons) and their possible connections provides a foundation for the author to travel into a whole range of areas, connecting what may seem completely unrelated areas of history to draw together a picture which is sure to surprise and perhaps even overwhelm the reader.

As is often the case, the endpoint is completely tangential to the start, and the consideration of early goddesses and the Sumerian myth of The Epic of Gilgamesh leads to some very interesting conclusions. When a scientist recognises the value of myth the result is sure to be interesting, as this book demonstrates.