The Mystic Foundation:
Understanding & Exploring the Magical Universe
Christopher Penczak

Llewellyn, 316pp, PB, US$15.95

Another book from the prolific pen of Christopher Penczak! This work is eclecticism at its best, drawing on a range of spiritual traditions to explore the vital but often ignored mystical side of the magickal path. At a time when spiritual tolerance is more important than ever, this book encourages practical work to make your path more holistic and your view panoramic. Many areas of subtle spiritual practice, like meditation and psychic work, are often overlooked in a desire for tangible results, yet their practice and development bring the real reward of spiritual growth.

By exploring the threads of commonality and difference between a range of belief systems from Christianity and Islam to Shinto and Taoism, Penczak emphasises the importance of truth wherever you may find it. Another fine work for those wanting to actually follow their path and keep an open mind and heart.