The Greek Qabalah: Alphabetical Mysticism and Numerology in the Ancient World 
by Kieren Barry


Reviewed by David Rankine

For too long the importance of the ancient greek contribution to modern magick has been ignored. The Ogdoadic tradition of Aurum Solis has made some effort to rectify this, but until now the main contribution was the excellent The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Including the Demotic Spells: Texts which is full of source material waiting for the discerning eye and hand. Bary has down a great service to the development of magick by bringing together all the significant sources and tracing the descent and development of the use of number and letter in ancient Greece, prior to its incorporation into other traditons. From the seven vowels (corresponding to the seven classical planets) to the different alphabets, this books is outstanding and deserves to be on the bookshelves of all magicians, pagans and just everybody! Buy this book, you won’t regret it!