Nobly Born – An illustrated history of the Knights Templar
Stephen Dafoe

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia
February 2008

This work is not for the conspiracy theorist or armchair occultist. It is a precise account of the history of the Knights Templar, lavishly illustrated, and full of political intrigue and treachery. The history of the Templars cannot be considered without looking at the social context of the world they operated in, which is what Dafoe does in this work, setting the stage and populating it with the major players from the noble houses and church to give a fuller picture.

From this basis the expansion of the Templars, their successes and failures are all chronicled, including details of the battles in which they would have a significant role. From their humble beginnings to their fall from grace, the author brings alive the events and people of this unique and intriguing order, concentrating on the known rather than the unknown, and painting a picture which can only expand our understanding of these warrior monks.

A beautifully produced and interesting work for anyone with an interest in the Knights Templar and their history.