Magical Symbols of Love & Romance
Richard Webster

Llewellyn, PB, 221pp, $12.95
(Review by Sorita D’Este)

This book is an introduction to the practical use of symbols for love and romance. The actual introduction to the book is probably my favourite part of the book, as it sets the context so well for what is to follow, and is full of interesting observations, unlike many introductions which can be dry and hollow.

The author encourages the reader to dip into the chapters at random drawn by attraction rather than reading it systematically, and it is easy to see why. The material in the book covers a wide range of subjects from marriage symbols to minerals to numbers to the tarot. Significantly the last three chapters are on Food & Drink, Perfumes and Using Magical Symbols in Your Own Life, saving the “big guns” to the end, as it were. A handy and accessible introduction to the magic of love and romance.