Circle of Life Tarot
Tarot del Circulo de la Vida
Artwork by Maria Distefano
Instructions by Bepi Vigna
(translated by Studio RGE)

Llewellyn 2008

Review by Sorita d’Este for Avalonia
February 2008

This is a beautifully produced tarot deck and I am additionally excited by both the magickal symbolism and quality of the artwork. The deck comes presented in a box, with a small instruction booklet and a light blue satin tarot bag. There is no excessive packaging here, which is nice to see (carbon footprints and all that!). The cards themselves are circular shaped as the name suggests.

The design of these cards is best described as being elemental and faery inspired, but not the mad fantasy figures of faeries so often used in trendy oracle decks. The creatures depicted on these cards hint at a deeper understanding and experience of the unseen world. This is a deck I am going to be working with more in the future, both as a deck for readings and meditations.

If you are looking for something a bit different, but which maintains the magickal symbolism one would expect from a tarot deck, then this deck comes highly recommended.